Applied Knowledge Empowers People

The Division of Advancement advances people, by advancing science to advance solutions. We embrace this journey of asking & testing questions, in pursuit of solving problems. This scientific process transforms our society because technology transforms and data drives.

About the Seal

The only way a gear works if it is moved continuously with continuous force. Better yet, a gear often works better when connected with like-minded gears who are moved when a particular gear is moved. This reminds me of how the Division of Advancement works. We exist to promote continuous lifelong development that is so focused on applications and benefiting our world, that we move other people with us as a result.


Data drives transformative technology which empowers people

Our Philosophy

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    Data Drives

    Data is more than a buzzword into revealing simple solutions to hard problems. Data drives us into helping us make painful decisions, in pursuit of a better future.

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    Technology Transforms

    Technology is more than a latest gadget we pursue. We permit technology to transform lives, by giving voice to the voiceless and creating new solutions to old problems.

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    People Empower

    The problems we solve change lives. But, this journey of science and advancement empowers lives. We empower people because empowered people empower.

Our Stack

  • Python lets us address problems across many disciplines with its diverse packages & community backing.

  • ElasticSearch is a schema-less database which lets us view & search through streaming data efficiently.
  • Jenkins helps us continually integrate, run, and test our code to pursue high standards in automation & reliability.

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Our Core Partners

Girls who Code

Women are historically under-represented in the tech field and Girls who Code seeks to close that gap. They do this by introducing young girls to technology at their Summer Immersion Camps and at after-school programs.

Donors Choose

By partnering with DonorsChoose.org, we directly support the dreams teachers have for their class. At wImagine, we directly support STEM projects in the Camden/Philadelphia area and Special Needs projects in the Northeast.


NumFocus promotes open-source scientific computing by directly supporting & managing 15+ scientific/data Python Projects, fostering community through conferences, and promoting diversity in technology.

Learning for the Now

Chasing Curiosity

We were built to learn. We must seek knowledge and truth through all that we do because that is how our society improves. Also, we must not be so engrossed in one field that we lose sight on how our planet is a team. We must learn together for when we do, we will work together, and we will succeed together.

Applying Knowledge

Education’s greatest sin is when it was trapped in four walls and was called school. Society only improves when education is freed from the building and released into the world. The ultimate act of Academics is to apply what you know, and work with what you got, to solve real problems in the real world.

He who opens a school door, closes a prison doorVictor Hugo

Changing for Tomorrow

Embracing Change

Knowledge is a variable, not a constant. We live in a dynamic world where new discoveries are being made everyday, especially in the field of technology & science. We will always adapt to change, even if we must re-think the universe, because the only way to stay ahead, is to begin ahead of the game.

Thinking Critically

We recognize that to reach the people nobody’s reaching, you gotta do the things nobody is doing. We recognize that wImagine began by a spout of critical thought, wondering what is the meaning of life. We will always embrace the process of critical thinking so that we don’t lose what makes us human.

If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.Michael Jordan

wImagine Advancement in 2016

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    April 2016: 3D Printing

    Starting with TinkerCad and MakerBots, my adventure into 3D Printing eventually led its way to a 3D Printer setup at home.

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    May 2016: Javascript

    At Philly Tech Week, I got a refresher course into JavaScript and its basics.

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    June 2016: Remote Computing

    Through supporting Life.Church’s data team, we set up a remote computer in NYC for the development and deployment of our new data stack.

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    July 2016: OpenCamps at the UN

    I learned from the best in the open source industry about the power of data visualizations, databases, and search algorithms at the United Nations.

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    August 2016: Jenkins, ElasticSeach, & Kibana

    Through supporting Life.Church’s data team, we created an ElasticSearch & Kibana stack to store data, all called by a Jenkins automation server.

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    October 2016: (Outsmarting) Google Analytics

    Through supporting Life.Church’s data team, we engineered solutions to push Google Analytics to the limit in rder to reach the people nobody is reaching.

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    November 2016: Elastic Stack

    At Elastic{on} 2016, I learned more about the Elastic Stack and its new version.

Maturity isn’t about what you know, but what you apply.

The Division of Academics is an original division of wImagine, founded in 2008. It evolved into the Division of Advancement in 2013.

Other Questions?

That’s pretty much it but if you’re still wondering what the heck is going on with this Advancement thing, here’s some more intel.

The entire tech industry copies each other once a product category is reasonably established and Apple does charge more than they probably should. That said, I’d argue when Apple gets into an industry, that industry explodes into something everybody wants. Apple spends a lot of time and resources to convert technical theories into products everybody wants. I support Apple for this spark, this spark of creativity and innovation. I then trust Google, Microsoft, and other companies to make it accessible to the world because we are stronger together than when we are apart.
The theories are absolutely important, without them, we won’t be able to build. What I’m saying is I suspect many people (and myself in particular) are content to learning the theories and walking away only because that’s how schools test — we test the theories, give you satisfaction when you pass, and that’s all the world typically judges you on. What we’re saying is that the theories give birth to the applications, and very often it’s the applications themselves which changes our world. This lays the foundation for new theories, and the cycle starts again.