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We will be a voice for the voiceless

This Division is fully devoted into providing a voice for the voiceless and including the marginalized. Completely inspired by Michael’s relentless pursuit towards progress in spite of Autism, this Division is a core focus area in our mission to create a world led by Love.

About this Division (colloquially known as #TeamMrMichael)

The Division of Faith & Family provides the spiritual & real-world wisdom to develop wImagine. Symbolized by a puzzle piece, the Division of Family also exists to emphasize my commitment in defending and protecting those who may not fit ‘the part’ due to having Special Needs, especially for my younger brother with Autism, Michael.

Michael inspiring the Division of Advancement

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    What is Intelligence?

    From tests to performance, there are many ways to define & measure intelligence. But no matter which worldly method you pick, Michael probably wouldn’t ace it. He can’t speak, he can’t connect the dots often, he can’t ace the tests, and he often misses social cues. His greatest weakness is that he doesn’t meet the world’s expectations.

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    When you love another person, you see the face of God

    Michael’s pursuit towards refining a better person of him begins with love. His RDI Program was all about establishing relationships, and he excelled at it, being the fastest to complete the first stage. Larc School is all about believing in students, to the point he consistently advances every year (and unlike public schools, Larc doesn’t promote everybody just because since they’re not stupid).

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    He has Autism. Autism does not have him.

    Michael’s journey isn’t about where he is, it’s about where he’s going. He’s moving at a relentless speed towards getting better. This is because he is surrounded by people who believe that Michael has Autism, but Autism doesn’t have him. Today, we are not about the destination, but about progress. Michael is not fully here yet, but he’s racing towards it, and I love him for that.

Today, the Division of Advancement focuses on making sure we continue to show progress in our knowledge & lifestyles by using conventional & unconventional education, with no respect to capacity.

Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.David Ogden Stiers

Michael inspiring the Division of Health

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    When Science isn't enough

    Science is a process, but it’s not a bank of all knowledge. In fact, humanity isn’t a bank of all knowledge, but rather, we are a collective group of refined learners. So when Michael experienced intense pain from what he ate (made worse since he didn’t realize pain was abnormal, thanks Autism) and science had no answers, we didn’t stop there.

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    Doing things nobody is doing

    To reach people like Michael who science didn’t reach, we had to do things nobody is doing. All of our research suggested Michael’s bacterial fauna in his intestines were out of whack, made worse by certain foods & processed ingredients. The steps to revert that involved a alternative diet involving no grains, dairy, sugar, artificial ingredients, or genetically modified food for over four years. Crazy? Yeah. Did it work? Surprisingly, yeah.

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    The truth sets us free

    The other side to this story, Michael couldn’t (and within reason, still can’t) eat what a normal person would want to eat. Unlike a normal person, he doesn’t try to sneak meals though to break his diet. He shows incredible strength by refusing to eat something he knows will hurt him because he follows the truth because the truth had set him free (and as I would add, because my brother isn’t stupid).

Today, the Division of Health uses the scientific process to adopt both conventional & unconventional medical concepts in pursuit of establishing best practices towards not looking well but being well.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.Khalil Gibran


wImagine began with Mr. Michael

My commitment towards a lifestyle which supports my brother Michael is totally non-negotiatable. When I was back in High School, I was overwhelmed with the BS of the world from class rings, prom, friends, grades, & trips. By focusing very precisely on living for my God & Brother, I ran into creating wImagine, which changed me for the better ever since.


My love of Michael is completely non-negotitable. Under the Division of Family & the 13th Fundamental (My God & My Brother are My Majority), anybody who expresses intentional will to hurt Michael in anyway will be removed from my life immediately without delay. Likewise, we are required to protect Michael from stupid pain (that is, pain that is not necessary for positive growth) at all costs.

Our Core Partners

Larc School

Larc School is a non-profit special education school in Southern New Jersey and their mission is to reach those with special needs. Combining a family-like atmosphere with the latest technology & training, they are able to help all children take their next steps towards a better future.


Faces4Autism unites individuals with Autism and their families together to foster a strong community to support those with Autism in South Jersey. They offer educational support, social activities, and community awareness events to reach all people no matter where they are on their journey.

Autism NJ

Autism NJ advocates for those with Autism across New Jersey from the local level up to Trenton. They unite a strong network of providers with the Autism community to educate and advocate.

wImagine Family in 2016

Dear Michael,

I will never give you the easy victory and excuse you from performing due to Autism. I expect you to perform at wImagine standards every day.

And you delivered.

You’ve beasted everything Larc School gave you, bravely took on new adventures such as flying on an airplane respectfully, demonstrated emotions, communicated like crazy, and proved the naysayers wrong (like usual). You set the bar higher every year and you meet it every year because you’re that awesome and our God is that good.

The world is going to get darker next year buddy. You’ll become an adult which means a legal adventure is ahead of us. In some cases, you might even be asked to testify in Court. You’ll meet people who feel justified in putting you down because you have Autism. You’ll face scary environments, harder tasks, and unknown futures.

But know every step of the way, I’m with you. I’ll always pray for you and I’ll always cheer you on. No matter how bad it gets, I’m on your side. So long as God’s on your side, I’m on your side (spoiler alert: there’s a whole verse about how His love is relentless no matter how bad things get).

Let’s beast 2017 together buddy.

– Matt

We will be a voice for the voiceless

The Division of Family is an original division of wImagine, founded in 2008, and re-approved in 2012

Other Questions?

That’s pretty much it but if you’re still wondering what the heck is going on with this Family thing, here’s some more intel.

The short answer is I once let him down and this led to an irrational battle cry to make sure that never happens again at any cost. The longer answer is that to fully recognize what he’s gone through and what he has endured, there is no other reasonable explanation but to ask yourself what this kid has what we don’t have. Which is the next question.
Autism doesn’t understand fear from worldly constructs — it makes decisions that makes sense at the moment. wImagine was born off this idea — that we should think differently about the world by ignoring what the world is doing now, what has been done, & what people say. The next part is realizing that Autism doesn’t typically understand worldly cues, and thus, these people often stay in ‘their own world’. To combat that, wImagine is designed to be an idealistic view which ‘fights’ with me and my own worldly realistic views. Where we intersect is where we begin constructing a better world.
Any attack against Michael, so long as it was intentionally done to hinder him or my relationship with him, is an attack against wImagine. Quite simply, wImagine forces me to run away from said person or destroy their risk against Michael as quickly as possible, without any delay or consideration of resources. Because Michael created wImagine’s concept and wImagine exists to protect my God & my Brother, it becomes impossible to live without all three parties.