Responsibility is the price of freedom

The Division of Health is our commitment to responsibility. That is, a responsibility to protect ourselves, treat ourselves correctly, and respect others including our planet. We believe that being healthy is not an appearance, but rather, a lifestyle.

About the Seal

When you look at a tree, we can visually tell if it’s healthy and its visual appearance often corresponds to its actual health. A tree can only be made strong in the right environment with the right resources. The tree reminds me that while we can make ourselves look healthy, that means absolutely nothing if we are not actually internally healthy through living a healthy lifestyle. The tree stands right next to the puzzle piece on our seal, because the Division of Health is a product of the Division of Family.


We live with integrity, by lifting our mission towards higher standards

tl:dr; We relentlessly pursue wImagine’s idealistic mission as a means to develop ourselves, as wImagine grows closer to our majority. As such, we prohibit actions which could directly or indirectly jeopardize the mission.

Intentional Growth

Our thoughts are the genesis to how we live and as such, wImagine is our root. wImagine is a mission that is intentionally to one step ahead of where we are today and one step closer to our Majority. This design ensures that both we and wImagine are on track to grow.

We honor ourselves enough to have enough desire to succeed. But we also respect ourselves enough to know that failure, in pursuit of wImagine’s increasing standards, is not an issue. In fact, failure often reveals how we can move forward more effectively.

Avoiding Danger

Some actions could jeopardize the mission, by taking us out via intoxication, injury, illness, addiction, or unethical outcomes. The specific actions to achieve one of these undesirable outcomes are many, but one thing is consistent — it should not happen.

We will probably mess up at some point, but we will use the failures to better ourselves. We lift the mission towards higher standards because the mission deserves nothing less.

Health Standards

  • Healthy Eating: Minimizing sugar, saturated/trans fats, cholesterol, and sodium
  • Simple Eating: Minimizing the complexity of food, especially artificial complexity, in favor of organic, local, or humanely-treated products when possible
  • Exercise: Frequently, consistently, and rigorously
  • Healthy Lifestyle: If we can avoid medicine or operations by making healthy cohices today, we will
What the public expects and what is healthy for an individual are two very different things.Esther Williams


What becomes seen becomes changed

  • Connector.


    I am responsible for making sure my publicly viewable lifestyle is consistent with my private lifestyle, which enables outside sources such as the Core Team to review me appropriately. I am responsible in pursuing wImagine’s mission.

  • Connector.

    Our Mission

    I am responsible to heed all wisdom into making sure wImagine is moving towards the Majority, while being one step ahead of me at all times. I am responsible in updating this website to highlight those changes, which enables outside sources such as the Core Team to review it appropriately.

  • Connector.

    Our Majority

    I am responsible for reporting the status growth of all aspects of the Majority in an Annual Report. This highlights our growth towards pursuing each other.


Respect what’s received


No matter how you slice & dice the science, even if you believe climate change is not a threat, our planet Earth is the only known planet to sustain life. It’s our only home. As such, we will treat our only home with respect. We will recycle, use sustainable resources whenever possible, and support all initiatives to protect our planet.


wImagine follows a strict budget every year because we have been blessed with monetary wealth. We use our budget not to create a name or status for ourselves, but to further the mission. We will relentlessly find ways to cut spending on what does not matter, so that we can spend, save, and give to those who matter most.


We recognize that we have been blessed and that there are people far less fortunate than we are, with insufficient access to healthcare, responsible role models, and a step forward. wImagine will unapologetically stand to improve accessibility, affordability, and equality so that all humans have a fair shot towards a better tomorrow.

Our Core Partners

Healing the Children

Healing the Children NJ provides healthcare to children in NJ and across the globe. They do this by providing domestic aid, providing international aid, sending medical teams abroad, and bringing children to America for treatment.

Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope is our emergency responder of choice, responding to emergencies across the globe everyday. In addition to that, they also empower the poor and feed children to restore communities at VIP events.


TearFund reaches the marginalized by providing healthcare, essential living resources, and education. They empower communities through the local Church, by advocating for equality and love across 50 nations.

wImagine Health in 2016


My exercise schedule has underwent a serious transition in 2016. For starters, we're going from 3x a week to 7x a week. And with the help of the Apple Watch, we're transitioning from timing exercise to actually tracking raw calories burnt, making sure the net goal occurs.

Why Exercise

Ok, ok, fine, why one should exercise is obvious. But there's deeper rationale here. I recognize that if I die, that's it, everything stops. Looking at my family history, there are a lot of ways I can meet a bad fate on the medical timeline. As such, we will go out of our way to protect our future and for wImagine Health, that begins with exercise.


We truly are what we eat... so it doesn't help that my cooking skills coming into 2016 could burn a kitchen down. In 2016, I went out of my way to learn how to cook healthy food using fresh and real ingredients. This mission of not burning down kitchens shall continue in 2017.

Shout Out

Shout out to Mama Widji for actually hanging in there when I began using a knife like a three year old. Shout out to Home Chef's meal kits for getting me started, I benefited from having something visual and clear to follow for sure. And a shout out to Alton Brown & the Food Lab for infusing wisdom in me on how to make edible food.

For you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.1 Corinthians 6:20

We protect what we’ve been given

The Division of Health branched from the Division of Family in 2013.