Division of


We will lead people into leading with love

The Division of Leadership exists to take the little steps nobody notices in order to create the large results everybody wants. To do what nobody is doing and reach who nobody is reaching. To go not where the puck is, but where the puck will be. The Division of Leadership exists not to follow friends, but, follow leaders.

About the Seal

Very often when we lead, we only think within our group of colleagues & friends, and this continues to be one of my struggles. The globe reminds me that leaders are all across the planet and it’s our job to reach out, ask questions, and get diverse feedback because we are stronger together than when we are apart.

Leadership Values

Rules without Relationships lead to Rebellion

We think it is pointless to create and enforce rules onto others without walking with them & supporting them. Heartfelt love leads to obedience (not the other way around) and that’s why we are expected to come to Christ as our flawed selves first.

There's being critical and thinking critically

When we are critical, we must always speak to build people and encourage them in discovering the joys of doing the right thing. We get to that point by thinking critically, understanding our shortcomings, and realizing our capacity to Love.

Don't copy what they do, learn how they think

Jesus doesn’t do acts of Love, Jesus is Love. With that, it is not enough to look back in the past and copy what people did in or out of the Bible. We must understand their thinking & culture so we don’t insult ourselves & our God with small thinking & safe living.

Truth always trumps flattery and lies

We will not say ‘yes’ for the sake of appeasing the common opinion. We will always speak with truth because it’s impossible to have a strong foundation if the foundation is filled with lies.

What got us here will not get us there

We will not copy the past in the hopes that it will continue to work in a changing future. We will always look forward and think creatively so we remain relevant in a dynamic & changing world.

If you're going to criticize, make it constructive.

None of us are always right because we’re imperfectly perfect. When we criticize, we will always make it constructive, because we can all grow from helping each other overcome our weaknesses.

A failure is always an event, it is never a person

In a world so focused on failures & those who failed, we will always make an effort to segregate the two. We will fail in creating a world driven by love if our world is filled by failures who are doomed to fail eternally in what they do & who they are.

Great leaders look beyond the immediate facts

We remain optimistic through all that we do because our victory in Christ has been won and we are just following the course. And thus, we must look ahead in order to discover the infinite capacity of our dreams, of our abilities, and of his Love.

The methods may change, but the message never will

I will insult wImagine by goofing up and making mistakes because I’m human. Our methods (wImagine) to create a world driven by love may change as a result, but our message & mission to create this world will never ever change.

Our Core Partners

Urban Promise

Urban Promise is reaches the youth of Camden, NJ and helps them pursue their academic goals, become stronger leaders, and grow deeper in their faith. They achieve this by offering several experiential learning activities, after-school programs, summer camps, and more.

Fugees Family

Fugees Family created Fugees Academy, the first and only school (at time of writing) for refugee children of War in America. Based in Georgia, they use soccer (a common sport for most refugees), personalized learning, and a team of volunteers to help refugee children excel.

Leadership Experiences

Tech Team

When I led the Tech Team for Trinity UMC Clayton's VBS programs since 2008, I realized that because I'm working with uncontrollable kids (who needs to be happy), we had to work hard and play harder.

Tech Team

When you're taking photos & videos of (uncontrollable) kids to produce a 10 minute slideshow in one week, it's important to remember what you're doing, but also to be laid back and laugh often because no one will have fun if you're not having fun too.

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Honors Program

When I led the Honors Program as its Student Assistant Director in 2012-13, I realized that in a world of many 'great' decisions, I had to be focused. I chose to be focused on the future.

Honors Program

I had to walk a fine line between supporting 'old initiatives' which worked & 'new initiatives' for an evolving University. When I had to make a choice, I always chose to benefit the future because I realized we exist to develop future leaders.

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To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.Brandi Snyder

wImagine Leadership in 2016

We change the world everyday by partnering with great causes and looking up towards greater dreams, but that’s not enough.

We are fortunate enough to partner with the best leaders in the globe. I don’t have ‘best friends’, I have ‘best leaders’ and together, we reach the world while having fun together.

In 2016, we got the partner with leaders who gave generously. With leaders who forged forward in spite of failure. With leaders who went pushed education to 11. And with leaders who simply aspire to change the world (simple enough right? Anyone?)

To the right are some of the Core Leaders I partner with. Their stories might be different, but our mission is the same: weImagine in a world led by love.

We will lead… the way with love and generosity.

In 2016, we continued partnering with leaders who lead with Love. That is, by supporting the broken, reaching the unreached, and leading everybody forward. We push ourselves harder every day because the mission is greater and because the people we’re reaching are worth it.

We will bring honor… by bringing our best to all we do.

In 2016, we continued partnering with leaders who held on to a leader’s best companion: pain. We use pain to help us focus on what truly matters and to push us through the impossible. We look forward towards a better tomorrow and that moves us forwards.

We will lead people into leading with love

The Division of Friends began in 2012, which evolved into the Division of Leadership in 2013.