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Even with all the wisdom in the world, without love we are bankrupt. These Fundamentals are our core values (or behaviors) which describe how we’ll live & lead the way with love in changing our world. These Fundamentals may evolve, but our mission will never change: That weImagine in a world driven by Love.

Fundamental 13: My God & My Brother are My Majority

Because wImagine was inspired by the pure love of my God & pure strength of my Autistic Brother, they became who I am.
wImagine & I solely exists for this Fundamental and those who threaten to harm my ability in fulfilling this Fundamental require me to remove them from my life.
Why? Because I can have all things in the world, but I am bankrupt without their love & strength.

Division of Faith

‘Love is not what God does — it’s who he is’ ~Sam Roberts

1. We are not rule-driven Christians, we're love-driven followers of Christ

Rules without relationships lead to rebellion but, love with relationships lead to obedience.

Following the rules does not necessarily mean you love Jesus, but rather, loving Jesus leads you to follow the rules. With that notion, we will disrupt injustices and love all people such that we live a life of love because Jesus did not do acts of love, Jesus is love. When we love another person, we see the face of God.

2. We will reach the people nobody is reaching, by doing the things nobody is doing

We will do things that nobody is doing because reaching the unreached is our mission.

We cannot merely repeat the world’s attempts to create peace, for trying the same things over and over again expecting different results is insanity. We will break the mold, work harder, and think outside the box. We will reach the people nobody is reaching and we will take on the larger challenges, because if our God is for us, than what could stand against?
…If I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.1 Corinthians 13:2

3. We will lead the way in generous giving

We will give more and more to provide short-term relief and long-term restoration. We know that it is better to give than to receive because Christ gave first.

We cannot give to everyone because we need people to find strength in self-dependency. But, that is never an excuse to stop giving because that was not how Jesus loved. Thus, we will give big, but we will give with a focus to either provide relief (from an immediate emergency) or restoration (to help someone find strength in themselves).

15. We will live what we believe

From wImagine and all that who we are, we will always refine a better philosophy on what it means to create a world driven by Love and we will always attempt to live that vision out.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be alsoLuke 12:34
In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.Acts 20:35

Divisions of Family & Health

‘What got you here, will not get you there.’ ~Craig Groeschel

9. We will follow the truth, because the truth sets us free

We will honor the truth and seek the truth through all that we do because we cannot build an honorable legacy on a foundation of lies.

We will not blind ourselves with denial or with a lack of forgiveness. We will acknowledge & plan for the truth because we’re not trying to create an artificial world. We will always forgive the truth and we will always ask for forgiveness when the truth is we made a mistake.

12. We will never let failure out-dream us

We will never let the fear of failure impede our decisions or the regret of failure blind us from what we’ve accomplished. We embrace failure because wImagine was the result of rebounding from failure.

We accept that these Fundamentals will always be imperfect, but we will never let its imperfectness create a fear of failure inside of us. We will hold firm to our convictions and stand for who truly matters the most, cause weImagine in a world driven by Love, and we’d rather die in a fire fighting for our beliefs, than live another day sacrificing who we are.
Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.1 John 3:18

4. We will never let the world compromise our individual integrity

We cannot change the world if we become the world.

We will not let artificial standards or expectations skew our ambitions. We will mentally & physically respect ourselves, for we only get one chance to change the world. We realize that everyday’s a new day to change the world, as long as we stay well enough to see that next sunrise.

10. We are all perfectly imperfect

We will always better our world by capitalizing on what unifies us rather than what separates us.

We will always challenge others to lead our generation of sinners. We believe that all humans are imperfect, yet are capable of love & leadership. But we do not let this distract from the fact that good works will never buy salvation. However, because we are all imperfect sinners, we will not judge or discriminate sin — We will save the forgiving & judgement for Jesus himself.
You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.Abraham Lincoln
…to any young person out there who feels misunderstood or who feels different and answer that question at the end of the play for you: Does that mean I can do anything? Yes, it doesAlex Sharp

Division of Advancement & Leadership

‘People will follow a leader with a heart faster than a leader with a title’ ~Craig Groeschel

6. We will never let Education be hindered by schooling & tradition

We do not learn more theories to earn a diploma, but we learn theories so that we can apply them to create a world driven by Love

We will never let grades & assessment-based loops become the end of our education. In addition, we will never let the status quo blind us from the truth. We believe the act of passionate learning & self-discovery is the beating heart behind true education. We believe an educated society who can critically-think is fundamental for creating a world driven by love.

11. We will leverage new technologies & discoveries to solve all dilemmas

We will not be caught using old thinking to solve new problems. As we advance, we will advance our thinking so we can continue to solve all problems.

We will always find ways to leverage new ways of thinking, new research, and new technologies to solve the challenges that has faced us, is facing us, and will face us. We will not let new discoveries be validated or invalidated by old thinking. We will always embrace new solutions because big changes only happen from big leaps of faith.
It’s sort of a mental attitude about critical thinking and curiosity. It’s about mindset of looking at the world in a playful and curious and creative way.Adam Savage

5. We’re a micro-detailed team, focused on a mega-vision

We focus on the little problems nobody notices since they often lead to answering the big problems which everybody wants.

We will not let popularity or politics sway us from our convictions. We will pay attention to both the micro-details which define who we are at the present. But we will also focus on the mega-vision that which will define our destiny because to end big, you got to start small.

7. We will never insult ourselves & our God by small thinking & safe living

We will never let our perception impede our potential in changing our world.

We will never hold refuge and hide in what worked yesterday or for other people. We will learn from our mistakes-ridden past to create a better path towards a greater future. But no matter what, we will never hold refuge in safe-living or small-thinking. We will be focused and we will deliver big on the true importance of this world.
I despise politics… My life is going to be way too short to deal with that. No bureaucracy. We want this fast-moving, agile company where there are no politics, no agendas.Tim Cook

8. We always accomplish more together, than when we are apart

We will invest in ourselves so that we become well-versed in our interests, but when our interests are unified for a current goal, all things are made possible.

We will never let pride blind ourselves from our true strengths & weaknesses. Rather than starting a fresh, we will always choose to partner with more experienced leaders first. However, we acknowledge that the disruption of partnerships is fundamental when these partnerships could otherwise inhibit the mission statement of wImagine.

14. We will give up our happiness to secure our love.

We are willing to give up the things that we like, and taking on new responsibilities and hardships, in order to earn the things we love even more.

We will always embrace pain that’s felt while following & iterating wImagine and reject pain without any short & long term benefit. We recognize that we could be the happiest people in the world, and yet be eternally bankrupt, if we don’t invest in our love first.
If you don’t change the way you think, you will become the lid to your organizationCraig Groeschel
It’s not about how to achieve your dreams, it’s about how to lead your life,… If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself, the dreams will come to you.Randy Pausch

Living with

We uphold these Fundamentals which were originally ratified on May 12, 2009.