Current Points & Stars


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During the Month

  • Points will be awarded for creativity, positivity, and all things Michael would approve.
    • I will never deduct points unless you betray wImagine, are clearly testing me, or we’re on a group trip together
    • I can trade points between people or give everybody else but you points to encourage justice
  • Point Multipliers now occur when points are given
  • If your Birthday is in said month, you get
    • The right to create a challenge/game that awards points to others during or around your birthday week
    • $10 Gift Credit + $15 Charity Credit
  • Special Weeks, themed after holidays or historical events, could result in me sharing my role of giving out points to somebody else.

When the Month Ends

  • Stars will be awarded to the top 3 points recipients. First place gets 4 stars, second place gets 2, and third place gets 1.
    • If any of these winners are not Michael, they will get a halved points penalty next month
  • Last Place with least stars gets double points for the next month
    • If there is a tie for least stars, we go to least points for the current month
    • If there is still a tie for least points, we go to Mr. Michael decision
  • Matt can give a Pity Star each month to someone who Matt feels deserves a star… just like how Mario Party decides who should win.
  • Stars will be used for (cough: Christmas) gifts at the end of the year and can never be taken from someone.
  • Points will be reset to zero at the end of the month.