We do what others don’t, to reach who others won’t

wImagine Health is our commitment towards responsibility. That is, a responsibility to safeguard ourselves mentally + physically, to protect environments we are in, and to nurture our financial and mission health. We believe that being healthy isn’t an appearance, but rather, a lifestyle.


We relentlessly pursue wImagine’s idealistic mission as wImagine consistently pursues higher standards. This push and pull action is a means to refine ourselves into creating a better version of us. As such, we prohibit actions which directly or indirectly negatively impacts our mission or our relationship with the mission.

For you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

— 1 Corinthians 6:20

Entrusting Failure to Grow us Forward

Our thoughts are the genesis to how we live and as such, wImagine is our root. wImagine is a mission that is intentionally to one step ahead of where we are today and one step closer to our Majority. This design ensures that both we and wImagine are on track to grow.

We honor ourselves enough to have enough desire to succeed. But we also respect ourselves enough to know that failure, in pursuit of wImagine’s increasing standards, is not an issue. We entrust that failure to grow us forward.

Some actions could jeopardize the mission, by taking us out via intoxication, injury, illness, addiction, or unethical outcomes. The specific actions to achieve one of these undesirable outcomes are many, but one thing is consistent — it should not happen.

We will probably mess up at some point, but we will use the failures to better ourselves. We lift the mission towards higher standards because the mission deserves nothing less.

wImagine partners with Healing with Children (NJ) providing medical care. They provide healthcare to children in New Jersey and across the globe, by providing domestic & international aid, sending medical teams abroad, and sending children to America for treatment.

wImagine also partners with TearFund who is a faith-based organization in the UK committed to abolishing poverty. They save those who are exploited, empower those who are marginalized, and treat those in need.



We respect all that we’ve been entrusted with by defending it, ensuring it grows properly, and mending them after failure.

No matter how you slice & dice the science, even if you believe climate change is not a threat, our planet Earth is the only known planet to sustain life. It’s our only home. As such, we will treat our only home with respect. We will recycle, use sustainable resources whenever possible, and support all initiatives to protect our planet.

wImagine follows a strict budget every year because we have been blessed with monetary wealth. We use our budget not to create a name or status for ourselves, but to further the mission. We will relentlessly find ways to cut spending on what does not matter, so that we can spend, save, and give to those who matter most.

We recognize that we have been blessed and that there are people far less fortunate than we are, with insufficient access to healthcare, responsible role models, and a step forward. wImagine will unapologetically stand to improve accessibility, affordability, and equality so that all humans have a fair shot towards a better tomorrow.

What the public expects and what is healthy for an individual are two very different things.

— Esther Williams

wImagine partners with Water Mission to create safe water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities in both third world nations and areas which have been impacted by natural disasters.

Core Health Standards

  • Healthy Eating: Minimizing sugar, carbs, trans fats, and excess

  • Simple Eating: Minimizing the complexity or excessive processing of food, in favor of organic, local, and/or humanely-treated products whenever possible

  • Exercise: Frequently, consistently, and rigorously

  • Healthy Lifestyle: If we can avoid medicine or operations by making healthy choices today, we will

wImagine Health was forked from wImagine Family in 2013.