Let’s Talk About That

The Science & Humanity Angle of the (United States Available) COVID-19 Vaccines in plain English

Let’s Talk About That

The Science & Humanity Angle of the (United States Available) COVID-19 Vaccines in plain English

I am in no ways an expert in this field. Or even an expert in my field. But I have a brother with Autism who’s unable to ever communicate his feelings, pain, or fears. With that conviction under my responsibility, I spent hundreds of hours reaching the research papers, studies, and concerns over the COVID-19 vaccines that were released for distribuion in the United States.
This page is my journey through what I have learned, distilling it as best as I can to some of the top questions I keep hearing about and/or questions nobody is asking but probably meant to ask based on fears and concerns I heard. I know I won’t be able to convince everybody to think critically and with integrity, but I know I can convince somebody, so long as I can communicate the Science & Humanitarian angle of the COVID vaccine in plain English.
I know I’m imperfect, so whenever there’s a fact that you can’t easily Google for (i.e. Hey did you know COVID-19 is a real pandemic?), I will do my best to attach the source I used to get there. You’re also always welcome to email me with questions and corrections by scrolling down on the ‘Matt’ page.
To create a more Love driven world, let’s figure this out together.
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Week of 03/08

All the questions you thought we wouldn’t have time for and more, it’s rapid fire time.

Week of 03/01

How do the Johnson & Johnson and Novavax Vaccines work?

Week of 02/22

Was there racism while testing the vaccines? Are there groups these vaccines are more or less effective for?

Week of 02/15

How do these vaccines work? Why do they require deep chilling and double dosing? And what is mRNA?

Week of 02/08

What’s in the Pfizer & Moderna vaccines? What are the roles of those ingredients? And to what extent were fetal cells used?

Week of 02/02

How did the COVID vaccine came out this quickly? What corners were cut? And what don’t we know because testing was so much quicker?

Reminder: I am not an expert in the field of Immunology, I’m not even an expert in my career field of Data Science. This information is my best & honest interpretation, after many weeks of reading through all of the Research Papers and identifying the best ‘Englishified’ sources who reasonably correspond to said papers. When there’s a conflict in the presentation of information, I defer to the CDC (and would appreciate it if you let me know!)

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