Our Mission:

weImagine in a world

driven by love

(That’s it.)

What is wImagine?

wImagine is not about making a name for ourselves or creating a company. We’re focused on becoming so driven by unconditional love, that our world becomes driven by love.

wImagine is a Mission

wImagine is a mission I (Matt Widjaja) created in 2008. I created a mission because I realized that I moved further & faster while pursuing one. Today, wImagine provides direction in creating a world driven by Love.

wImagine is a Process

wImagine isn’t a brand for a company (in fact, there is no company), but rather, a brand for a process which forces me to refine both myself & wImagine, so that we create a world driven by love.

It is impossible to build a life of integrity & live with purpose, by repeating the same life every day in a culturally dynamic world.

What makes up wImagine

wImagine is a combination of values and direction so that weImagine in a world driven by love.

Behavioral Fundamentals

wImagine has 15 Fundamentals. These Fundamentals are our core values — our behaviors — which enables us live a life of love and integrity.

Explore the 15 Fundamentals

Directional Divisions

wImagine has 5 Directional Divisions: Faith, Family, Health, Leadership, & Advancement, which gives us direction on how to live with purpose.

Explore the 5 Divisions
“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life… have the courage to follow your heart and intuition… Everything else is secondary.”Steve Jobs

Who we are

Matt Widjaja

I’m a Computational/Data Sciences student at Stockton University with experience in computer programming, data science, web design, & video editing. And I’m always ready for a new challenge. Learn More

Mike Widjaja

Michael has Autism but Autism does not have him. Through his struggles, he was made strong and has since transformed the world with his integrity, love, and passion for long car/train rides. Learn More

wImagine creates a idealistic world while I bring in a not-as-ideal real world. Where we intersect is where we begin refining a better version of us.

Other Questions?

That’s pretty much it but if you’re still wondering what the heck is going on with this wImagine thing, here’s some more intel.

It’s not enough to just try to do the right thing because in this world of artificial checkpoints and goals, all we are fed is ways to satisfy ourselves & provide for ourselves. I sincerely believe that the only way we, as humans, can succeed in this world, is to fully understand what we want to do and what we are capable of doing. wImagine was a brand to force me to do that because without creating such a brand, I realized I was more apt to lie to myself about my situation, and it’s impossible to live a life of integrity on a foundation of lies.
wImagine is not a company, there are no assets & no employees other than my Starbucks collection. That said, I treat it like a company in the sense that while we work together, wImagine has permission to outpace me and same vice-versa. Never say never, it could be a company one day, but today, it’s a brand for a philosophy & process towards becoming better people.
For wImagine, love is not happiness — love is not the result of one-off gifts. This doesn’t mean we don’t try to create happiness, it just means creating happiness isn’t our focus. Our focus is creating love — creating joy in someone’s life by investing in them & supporting them. And to get deep, in my opinion and views, Love isn’t an action, it’s a state of mind because Jesus never did acts of Love, Jesus is Love.
Totally. wImagine should resemble a perfect world, but by no means is that true because I created it, and I’m not perfect. Likewise, I am definitely not perfect — in fact wImagine was recognition that my High School attempts to be perfect in all areas was what slowly destroyed me. Both I & wImagine will never be perfect, but we still journey onwards towards perfection. After all, half of the fun in getting to the destination is the journey (and if the journey isn’t fun, you’re not taking enough scenic routes)
Absolutely. wImagine evaluates me and I publicly report back every Jan 1, which is when wImagine began in 2008. I refine wImagine daily, but, I am forced to revise or re-approve a division (and its connected set of Fundamentals) every five years. Both of these processes force us to be agile as our worlds change, while forcing us to be slow so that we consider every move we take.
Quite simply, it happens with a 10th grade Matt Widjaja realized he was chasing so many things (from popularity, school work, family, and so forth) that I became mediocre and in everything and felt empty. So I created the first iteration of wImagine in 2008, but it was nothing like this — it was far more strict with less room for evolution. That quickly crashed and led me to do a second evolution of wImagine which you see here which has the same messaging of the first wImagine, but with a process to permit evolution & growth. This second evolution was rolled out in 2009 when I was in 11th grade, and stuck ever since.