I create Data Driven solutions to create a Love Driven World

  • I create reusable data pipelines using Python

  • I solve problems differently

  • I squash blockers before, during, and after modeling

  • I am a leader at the core

  • I leave teams better than when I first found them

My Vision is:

weImagine in a world led by Love 🌎

I’ve spent my whole life to define core missions & values I can stand by, so that even when the going gets tough, I remember this vision. And I’ve named that journey: ‘wImagine’.

  • wImagine is not a company. It’s merely a personal mission that encourages me to create stronger relationships because people matter more

  • wImagine doesn’t prevent failure, because lessons are often learned through failure. Instead, wImagine helps me remember how to grow from failure so that I have the courage to keep trying new ideas.

  • wImagine believes that people matter most because if we are to create a world led by Love, we must love all people and lead them towards who they were created to be in Earth’s story.

My Mission is:

weOvercome the odds with lives like Michael 💪

My brother is Michael and he has Autism. But when you really think about what Autism is… does that really make Michael different from the rest of us?

  • There are people with socioeconomic setbacks, mental and physical health concerns, and communication barriers all around us.

  • Is Michael… is Autism… really that different from the fears, setbacks, and struggles you and I face?

  • My mission is to Overcome the Odds with Lives like Michael. Michael has helped me understand the complexity of humanity better.

  • That is why I partner with leaders across the world, all striving to create a planet better than how they found it.

weOvercome the odds with lives like Michael 🤪, and together, weImagine in a world led by Love ❤️.

Established January 1st 2008