wImagine’s Core Mission is:

weImagine in a world
driven by Love

because my God & my Brother
are my Majority

wImagine’s Core Vision is:

We empower people
to innovate

because weImagine in a
world driven by Love

What is wImagine?

  • wImagine is not a company

  • wImagine does not exist to make a name for myself

  • wImagine does not exist to promote success or prevent failure.

  • wImagine is a personal mission which draws me into producing stronger relationships with people, because people matter more

  • wImagine is a personal realization that we are imperfect. But, we grow when we achieve goals that matter most and when we learn from failure.

  • wImagine sincerely believes that when we love all people and lead them towards who they were created to be, they discover their part in our planet’s story, which creates a love driven world.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life… have the courage to follow your heart and intuition… Everything else is secondary.”

— Steve Jobs

5 Core Goals

wImagine consists of five Core Goals. These Core Goals give us direction on what we strive to achieve today and what we will become.

10 Core Behaviors

wImagine also consists of 10 Core Behaviors. These Core Behaviors give us guidance on defining how we behave, how we move, and who we are becoming.

The Innovation Stack

  • We innovate by including the marginalized

  • We forge forward without fear

  • We entrust failure to grow us forward

  • We create data driven solutions to create a love driven world

  • We build honor by bringing our best

The Empowerment Stack

  • We give because He gave

  • We surrender ourselves to serve others

  • We lead with laughter & energy to lead towards authenticity

  • We refine ourselves to reach further

  • We empower people to move because moved people empower

1 Core Mission

This framework is intentionally structured to ensure one thing always holds true and it’s that: weImagine in a world driven by love, because my God & my Brother are my majority.

If one were to live life out without true & innate understanding of their core goals & behaviors, I sincerely believe that danger awaits. It’s not enough to just try to do the right thing because in this world of artificial checkpoints and goals, the only thing we’ll accomplish is to find ways to satisfy ourselves & provide for ourselves. When we fully understand what we want to do and what we are capable of doing, we can finally take hold of how we can most effectively change this world. wImagine gave me the architectural framework to understand myself and pursue my goals. By being honest with myself, it eliminated opportunities for me to accept or create lies, which is important, because it’s impossible to live a life of integrity on a foundation of lies.
wImagine is not a company, there are no assets & no employees other than my Starbucks collection. That said, I treat it like a company in the sense that while we work together, wImagine has permission to outpace me and same vice-versa. Never say never, it could be a company one day, but today, it’s a brand for a philosophy & process towards becoming better people.
For wImagine, love is not happiness — love is not the result of one-off gifts. This doesn’t mean we don’t try to create happiness, it just means creating happiness isn’t our focus. Our focus is creating love — creating joy in someone’s life by investing in them & supporting them. And to get deep, in my opinion and views, Love isn’t an action, it’s a state of mind because Jesus never did acts of Love, Jesus is Love.

wImagine originally began to make me look perfect in 2008, but it became so hard-set in its ways & too perfect, that it crashed and burnt. It was restarted in 2009 with a core belief that both I and wImagine will change as we move forward. Today, wImagine represents a comprehensive framework defining how we behave, what we focus on, and who protects us from getting too bent out of shape. But I also want to ensure that I’m humble enough to recognize that both wImagine & I are still learning, and that neither of us have our acts completely together.

“The sidelines are not where you want to live your life. The world needs you in the arena.”

— Tim Cook

wImagine began on January 1st, 2008 and turns 10 on January 1st, 2018