Taking our next step in figuring out who we’re made to be. Together.

This is wImagine Studios

No, it’s not a paid venture or crazy side gig. It’s just that I’ve learned that there are many people who are confused as a younger version of me was and very little space for someone to think out loud and pick a position that isn’t at a far extreme nowadays.

wImagine Studios is my place to learn how I can communicate more efficiently, who I want to become more like, and have a little fun along the way. You’re invited to join me on my journey in figuring life out with someone who absolutely has not figured it all out, but is just trying to grow bit-by-bit each day.

Most people following me are those in my close friend circle, who are following this content on my personal accounts rather than this public account. If you’re in my close friend circle, this is an option for you too.

What’s the Point?

  • I create videos that are fun and meaningful.

  • I create videos that should equally challenge as many people as possible, not picking sides that lets a group of people relax.

  • I create videos that a younger me — going through fear and depression quietly — would have needed because I know there’s someone else in my shoes.

What’s the Format?

  • Videos are all under 90 seconds, with full text captions for accessibility and quick scrubbing

  • Videos are dropped on most Mondays.

  • Videos often parallel some other narrative from the world of music, movies, TV, or gaming

  • Videos often showcase my personality, both my heartfelt side and… lawful chaotic playful side.

What are the core themes?

  • You’re doing better than you think you are, and God is doing more than you think He is.

  • The journey to find your best is difficult, but it is worth it

  • Somebody’s gotta do something about this injustice, it might as well be you

  • Letting Jesus be the leader of your life and forgiver of your faults is worth everything you got to lose

Creating the content that a younger Matt needed in 2008

because no matter how deep you think you are, you matter.