I sincerely believe in using technology & data to solve problems and transform our world more effectively. My entire educational, career, & personal journey has led me down this digital road into creating a more love driven world.

I invite you to scroll through this page to see what I’ve done and what we can do together.

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Spotlight on Stockton’s Honors Program

I was more than just another student of Stockton’s Honors Program. I was its Assistant Student Director (2012-2013) but I went beyond filling the seat. I asked the program to think differently, to do more with less, and I led it to new frontiers and beyond.

New Initiatives Implemented

As our university experienced significant growth, I made sure that we always tried new things in order to remain relevant.

Ongoing Initiatives Improved

In a university with greater expectations and fewer resources, I streamlined the work & resources needed to get the job done.

Students going to Honors Meetings

By focusing on relationships rather than rules, I increased attendance for the Honors Meetings without having to forcing attendance.

Documents created for future leadership

I knew we had to mentor future leaders better, so we revised our Constitution and created an ‘Instruction Manual’ to describe best practices.

C++ Skills
  • GNU Scientific Library

  • Parallelization: Cuda & MPI

Python Skills
  • Biology: Biopython

  • Data Storage: Pandas

  • Math: Numpy & Scipy

  • Machine Learning: Keras, Theano, Tensorflow, & Scikit-learn

  • Text: Beautiful Soup, Element Tree, & Nltk

  • Visualization: Bokeh & Matplotlib

  • Web: googleanalytics & requests

Operating Systems
  • Linux (since 2005)

  • macOS (since 2006)

  • Windows (since 1996)

Other Skills
  • Agile: Jira

  • Automation: Jenkins

  • Cloud Computing: AWS Lightsail & DigitalOcean

  • Databases: ElasticSearch + Kibana & SQLite

  • Remote Access: ssh, x2go

  • Version Control: ClearCase & Git

  • Terminal: Bash, Csh, & Tcsh

Some of my Favorite Projects

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Web Design

I led a small team in deploying a new responsive website for Stockton University’s independent newspaper: The Argo. This technically complex website, with advanced SEO and security, was designed to be easy for anyone to modify.

I supported all of the primary landing webpages of the college and collaborated with over 20 offices at the college to help market and inform our external audience. I adapted over 30 jQuery Scripts to work with our in-house CMS to enhance our site’s functionality.

I converted a static HTML/CSS Webpage into a CMS-powered website with eCommerce functionality at no costs by using open-source technology.

Video Editing

I volunteer to lead the Tech Team every year. I capture 500+ pieces of photography & videography in a fast-paced & dynamic environment, & create a dynamic Memory Slideshow using Final Cut Pro X to help the Church retain visitors and promote themselves. I also setup and manage the technology infrastructure and AV needs of all five stations. Every year, I perform all of these tasks to produce this 10 minute slideshow by myself in under a week.

I support Barik Army every year to record and create a story from their irrational acts of generosity. These videos are used to promote themselves and craft a brand name that’s driven by responsibility & humanity.

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