Project Description

Invasive species are disrupting ecosystems everyday. The best way to curtail that is by understanding our ecosystem. That’s difficult, but with the help of a model, we can predict how new organisms effect our ecosystem and as a result, make improvements more effectively.

In my undergrad research project with Stockton Professor Jason Shulman, we created ecological model that is comparable to Lotka-Volterra, while requiring less resources & time overall. I specifically created the MATLAB & C Scripts to produce synthetic data to generate this model. I also was awarded the Stockton Presidential Fellowship Grant to support my work.

Presented at:

  • Day of Scholarship (Spring 2014 – PowerPoint & Poster)
  • Northeast Regional Honors Council (Spring 2014 – Poster w. Peer Review Application Process)
  • Stockton’s Natural Science & Mathematics Research Symposium (Spring 2014 – Poster)
  • Stockton’s Graduate Research Symposium (Fall 2014 – PowerPoint)
  • Stockton Innovations (Spring 2015 – Publication)