Will Reddit buy Pizzas?


In this Kaggle.com project, I wanted to predict the probability of Reddit’s Random Acts of Pizza group giving a free pizza in regards to its history of requests. This project was one of my first introductions in analyzing text for Machine Learning. If I were to do this again, I probably would try to

How reliable is NYC’s Subways?


With NYC Subway Data from 2009-2011, I analyzed each subway line to derive conclusions regarding on-time performance & reliability. I parsed several CSV files and by using Numpy & Sklearn, generated data which I plotted using Bokeh, an interactive visualization tool for plots. While doing this project, I chose to stick to standard Python

Gun Shootings vs. Laws


With all of the mass shootings in the news, we’re hearing a lot of talk whether gun laws actually help. In this side/beta project, I wanted to investigate if there are any correlations between types of gun laws and their effects on shooting on a state-by-state basis. The tl;dr conclusions from this project are:

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