Matt Widjaja

This is my digital story

I live at the intersection of science, technology, art, & math.

I’m Matt Widjaja and since middle school, I’ve used technology to become my educational backbone, to serve the community, and to transform our world. To learn about a specific area I served in, feel free to click on the three boxes below. Otherwise, feel free to scroll down to read my story.

Data Scientist

From reducing runtime, adding functionality, & analyzing big data, I leverage technology to solve all dilemmas.


I use Python, MATLAB, C, & R to create models & perform machine learning to visualize and understand data.

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Web Designer

Where my passion for design intersects with my programming know-how to educate & market new ideas.


By adapting traditional sites through modern HTML, CSS, & JS and by creating new sites with newer CMSes.

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Video Editor

As a director, producer, & editor, I tell stories using music, video, and imagery to get the word out to the globe.


By being dynamic & precise while capturing footage on the field and editing with focus using Final Cut Pro.

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Academic History

  • Connector.

    MS in Computational Science (2017)

    Expected to graduate in 2017 from Stockton University under an accelerated program.

  • Connector.

    BS in Computational Science (2014)

    Graduated from Stockton University with a 3.76 GPA & Cum Laude Honors. Minored in Biology & Mathematics. Graduated with ‘Distinction in Honors’ from the Honors Program for meeting all Academic, Service, & Research requirements.

  • Connector.

    High School in Allied Health & Medical Sciences (2010)

    Graduated from the Gloucester County Institute of Technology with a 3.99 GPA. In the National Honors Society & National Technical Honors Society. Head editor of the school newspaper. Took several college courses from Rowan College concurrently.

Formal Courses at a Glance

Science Courses (Anatomy, Bioinformatics, Bio, & Chem)
Computing Courses (C, MATLAB, Python)
Math Courses (Calculus, Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, & Numerical Analysis)
Data Science Courses (Databases, R, Python)
Honors Courses (General Studies)

Where I’ve Been


I made wImagine and it’s not a real company, but rather, a philosophical framework to help me focus on what matters most. I uphold 15 Fundamentals which encourages me to lead & live to better our world. Here are some of our favorite Fundamentals and how we applied them.

We can’t do the same things and expect different results — to get new results, it is imperative that we try new things. This is why when our Honors Meetings were not mandatory anymore, we still had the same, if not increased attendance. How? I encouraged my team to make our meetings more concise (because nobody has time anymore), in addition to bringing free food (because free is cool).
My mega vision in the Honors Program was to create an environment where students feel like they belong. To attain that vision, we relentlessly focused on the details from helping Freshmen move in, to what events we had, to how we communicate to the student body. Why? Because we recognize that the little things nobody notices results in the big changes everybody wants.
We recognize that education plays an important role in our lives, but theories & classes alone don’t result in change. That’s why I relentlessly pursue new ways to use my skills from teaching web classes to HS students, taking online courses at Udacity & Coursera, & working on projects from sources such as Code Golf & Kaggle.
I recognize that I am powerful, but I am infinitely more powerful when I am a member of an effective team. I am currently the Scrum Master of an Agile Development Team at work and everyday I lead our team in helping everyone understand how we all fit together as members of our effective team.
This one is really simple, we follow and speak the truth at all costs. We recognize the truth does not give us an excuse to be mean, but we recognize that the truth does give us an opportunity to become better, because it is impossible to build a life of integrity on a foundation of lies.
I brought new technologies into our pipeline at work from Python to Bokeh to improve our logging during nightly testing. I actively engage myself every night in learning new technologies and refining my skills from AngularJS to Swift. Why? Because we will not be scared in using new developments to develop our world.
A leader’s best companion is pain. I’ve been put down for caring too much over my Honors team & I’ve been told I’ll never succeed because I’m too determined instead of being willing to give up more. Through it all, I recognized that those hardships forced me to fully understand the person I wanted to become, and those failures made me a better version of me today.

Spotlight on the Honors Program

I was more than just another student of Stockton’s Honors Program. I was its Assistant Student Director (2012-2013) but I went beyond filling the seat. I asked the program to think differently, to do more with less, and I led it to new frontiers and beyond.
I helped implement
New initiatives

As our university experienced significant growth, I made sure that we always tried new things in order to remain relevant.

I helped improve
Ongoing Initiatives

In a university with greater expectations and fewer resources, I streamlined the work & resources needed to get the job done.

Students going to Honors Meetings

By focusing on relationships rather than rules, I increased attendance for the Honors Meetings without having to forcing attendance

Documents were made for future leadership

I knew we had to mentor future leaders better, so we revised our Constitution and created an ‘Instruction Manual’ to describe best practices.

Programmer & Data Scientist

Skills & Tools

Favorite Languages
#1 (By Far): Python
4 Years
5 Years
#3: R
2 Years
#4: C/C++
3 Years
#5: Swift (Currently Learning)
0 Years
C Libraries
  • GNU Scientific Library
  • Parallelization: Cuda & MPI
Python Libraries
  • Biology: Biopython
  • Data Storage: Pandas
  • Language: Nltk
  • Math: Numpy
  • Machine Learning: Scikit-learn
  • Text: Beautiful Soup & Element Tree
  • Visualization: Bokeh (Google Maps) & Matplotlib
  • Web: googleanalytics & requests
Operating Systems
  • Linux (since 2005)
  • Mac OSX (since 2006)
  • Windows (since 1996)
Other Skills
  • Agile: Jira
  • Automation: Jenkins
  • Databases: ElasticSearch (ELK), MySQL, & SQLite
  • Other Languages: Fortran, Java, Perl, Swift
  • Remote Access: ssh, x2go
  • Version Control: Github & IBM Rational
  • Terminal Scripting: Bash, Csh, & Tcsh

Engineer for Lockheed Martin (2014-Present)

Mission Systems & Training >> Modeling & Simulations — Moorestown, NJ Campus

As a Leader at Lockheed
  • Led my team as a Scrum Master during and after the introduction of the Agile Development Practices
  • Led the department the Community of Practice Scrum Master, assisting all scrum masters in sharing and adopting best practices
  • Created Scripts & Queries to automate team & program metrics to maximize performance with respect to cost & time.
As a Data Scientist at Lockheed
  • Expanded our QA testing coverage exponentially, by introducing new open source technologies and thinking, which helps us store and analyze the terabytes worth of data more effectively
  • Created a database centered approach in Python, to store and summarize data collected from our QA testing processes.
  • Led a Lunch & Learn demonstrating introductory Python scripting & some fundamental Data Science Python packages (Pandas, matplotlib, & Bokeh) to the department.
As a Programmer at Lockheed
  • Assisted development teams in radar system/subsystem design, development, modeling, simulation, integration, and testing.
  • Triaged and resolved issues found from QA testing with the team.
  • Created scripts to generate input files using open source standards
  • Enhanced the workflow processes/scripts which programmers use to test and commit code to the repository, with an emphasis on simplifying processes and embracing continuous integration whenever possible.

Research Experience

Graduate Research under Professor Manson

  • Used college housing data to predict turnover rate based on several conditions over the last decade.
  • Programmed with Python (and Scipy, Numpy, & Pandas) to clean the dataset and generate conclusions.
  • Harnessed machine learning techniques to test our model.
Undergraduate & Graduate Research under Professor Jason Shulman with Frank Malatino

  • Details are in the next section below
Undergraduate Research under Professor Jason Shulman with Frank Malatino

  • Assisted in the development of the MATLAB code to program & test the circuit equations.
  • Published in The American Journal of Physics (a peer-reviewed journal)
  • Presented In:
    • Stockton’s Natural Science & Mathematics Symposium (Poster — Won First Place)
    • Day of Scholarship (PowerPoint & Poster)
    • Stockton Innovations (Publication)

Fun Facts

File Formats I Parsed
  • CSV & Text Files
  • Json & XML Files
  • SQL/JQL Structures
  • Pickled Files (i.e. Python Types)
  • Webpage

My Favorite Projects
I developed a homegrown open-source QA logging process from scratch because of development restrictions from using any other product, even if open source. I created Dashboards & Databases glued with Python to help us act on our data sooner and more effectively.
Parsed ESPN & Football Statistic websites for data so that I can use machine learning to find the best Fantasy Football teams.
Dealing with data from our legacy QA testing. Because that data is typically messy, inconsistent, and/or missing, I had to creatively think of new ways to clean up that data on limited time, hardware, and financial resources.
When we switched to Agile, we didn’t have the support or information we need to lead teams with Jira. In some cases it was part of the ‘price’ of leaning a new software development method and in other cases, Jira simply couldn’t give us the information we needed, even with a plugin. With that in mind, I used my background in Python to create scripts to visualize every team’s progress towards fulfilling their goals. These plots are now used in Release Planning events and beyond and I completely lead this homegrown effort.
I love using Python and other open source technologies in analyzing large data sets. It is my hope that by doing what nobody is doing, we can reach the people nobody is reaching!

Data Science Volunteer for Life.Church (2016-Present)

Church Online >> Operations Team

  • Remotely partnering with Life.Church in pursuit of my graduate thesis.
  • Analyzing visitor traffic in real time using Google Analytics and Python to understand how visitors engage with the website during the video experience.
  • Supporting A/B testing efforts by providing data-backed ideas and feedback.
  • Implemented an ElasticSearch Database on a virtual machine to store large quantities of data during short-term data experimentation.
  • Processing data using APIs and Python on a Virtual Machine with an automated Jenkins server

Programming Projects Portfolio

I love math, science, and art… but my greatest interest has always been in using computers to program. Converting theories and needs into actual applications is what drives me everyday. Here are some of my favorite side projects.

More programming projects

Data Science Projects Portfolio

I fell in love with how technology can be used to answer the questions we can’t answer today. This passion fuels my ambition to take on side projects in using Data Science to reveal the why behind the what in our world. Here are some of my favorite side projects.

More data science projects

Web Designer

Work Experience

  • Connector.

    The Argo (2015-2016)

    I led a small team in deploying a new responsive website for Stockton University’s independent newspaper: The Argo. This technically complex website, with advanced SEO and security, was designed to be easy for anyone to modify.

  • Connector.

    Stockton University (2012-2014)

    I supported all of the primary landing webpages of the college and collaborated with over 20 offices at the college to help market and inform our external audience. I adapted over 30 jQuery Scripts to work with our in-house CMS to enhance our site’s functionality.

  • Connector.

    Delanco Camp (2008-2010)

    I converted a static HTML/CSS Webpage into a CMS-powered website with eCommerce functionality at no costs by using open-source technology.

Content Management Systems Used

8 Years
Stockton EYOS (i.e. Pure HTML/CSS/JS with a loose CMS framework)
3 Years
2 Years


  • Google Analytics
  • Google Maps Maker
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO

Web Portfolio

I’ve been working for the web since when Web 2.0 & IE 6 was hip (yeah, I feel sorry for myself too). Today, I create responsive websites and help build strong social media presences. This is my journey.

Video Editor

Work Experience

  • Connector.

    Barik Army (2014-present)

    I support Barik Army every year to record and create a story from their irrational acts of generosity. These videos are used to promote themselves and craft a brand name that’s driven by responsibility & humanity.

  • Connector.

    Trinity UMC Clayton, NJ (2008-present)

    I volunteer to lead the Tech Team every year. I capture 500+ pieces of photography & videography in a fast-paced & dynamic environment, & create a dynamic Memory Slideshow using Final Cut Pro X to help the Church retain visitors and promote themselves. I also setup and manage the technology infrastructure and AV needs of all five stations. Every year, I perform all of these tasks to produce this 10 minute slideshow by myself in under a week.

I do my own stunts

  • Connector.


    For many of these efforts, I am responsible for setting the messaging, direction, & flow for the final project.

  • Connector.


    Whether it’s simply taking pictures & videos or creating the environment so that I can grab good pictures and videos within my expected timeframe, I do it all.

  • Connector.


    By cleaning up audio & video, I align all of the content together into a seamless experience.

Video Portfolio

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